MDFT School

MDFT School

(Make a Difference School Tanzania )


Since 2014 Friends from Africa and Make a Difference School Tanzania have joined hands to help the underserved youth in Tanzania. The school needs to expand. We have bought a piece of land at Menerani (nearby Kilimanjaro Airport) where we want to build a (boarding) school. The school will be for locals, the boarding school for orphans and children who live far away.

Around the land there's a group of about 2000 Maasai. The area has no school so the children don't get any education. Parents are begging for a school in the hope that their children will have a better future.

Good education

At MDFT School the children will get good education in Swahili and English, one good meal per day and, last but not least, they get love and attention. Some children start going to school when they are only 2,5 years old; most children start when they reach the age of 3 years. As soon as they go to school they learn to read and write at their own individual pace. Children in Tanzania that are well-educated can read their first English book when they are only 5 years old.

Most Maasai parents will be able to pay for the school fees. The children of the ones who really cannot pay will not be excluded. We'll give them free education and if necessary we'll also pay for their school uniforms, shoes, books and pens, depending on how much the parents can spend themselves.

friends-from-africa:mdft-schoolWhen the school and the housing for the teachers are build, we'll expand with a small hospital since there's none in the area or even close to it. After that we'll build a playground, a sports field and a secondary school.

More than a school for children

As usual in Tanzania the children will go to MDFT School from 7.30 am till 1 pm. They'll get some homework every day. In the afternoon we want to educate the parents who are interested. Since most of them don't even speak Swahili (Maasai have their own language), we'll teach them. We can also teach them English, marketing and sales, sewing, and computer skills. The women can make clothes, shoes, bags and jewelry that we'll sell in a shop. We'll also open a bar/restaurant where families can enjoy a nice meal with their children and the parents/older people can gather there together at night. During special holidays we'll play a movie and serve a barbecue or a buffet. During some weekends we'll organize a theme day for the children and a concert or theme night for the parents. It'll become a center for everyone.

What's needed?

To build and decorate the MDFT School and houses for children and the teachers, and to buy the necessary teaching materials, we need $ 100.000. Will you please help us to make this dream of 2000 Maasai people (and us) possible to give them more joy and a better future?

We hope for happiness of our children in Tanzania. You're welcome to donate and support our charity foundation to perform our project in Tanzania by:

- book a safari or climbing in Tanzania with Friends from Africa

- Let us host you

- Work as a volunteer at the school

- Make a donation to our bank account

For more information about the school, a safari, or a donation please contact us.