Our local manager David will pick you up at arrival of Kilimanjaro Airport (JRO) and bring you to the place of your choice or to the hotel where you're going to work. We have nice guesthouses where you can stay in Arusha. We’ll make sure that you’ll stay in a save guesthouse because that’s of the most important to both you and us. David will show you around in Arusha, learn you how the dala dala (bus) works and lets you meet some people. He’ll bring you to your company on the first day and will make sure that you arrive save back home. If you’re interested, we can even learn you the Swahili language.

Our companies need you

Many hotels, travel agencies, hospitals and other companies are looking for trainees. If you're interested, please let us help you to find a nice and suitable job for you. The possibilities are endless.


You can buy your visa online or at arrival at Kilimanjaro Airport.

Guesthouses, meals and drinks

Your lunch will be provided by the company where you work. Breakfast and dinner can be included or excluded in your guesthouse. Food, water and soda is not expensive in Tanzania. There are many fresh vegetables and fruits for a very cheap price.


A vaccination against typhoid fever is recommended, so are Malaria pills. Use Deet during the evening hours and never drink water from a tap. Drinking a lot of mineral water (1,5 liter per day) is necessary.

Free hours

Of course you can go on safari to the national parks or climb Mount Meru or Mount Kilimanjaro, but for the people who cannot afford that, there are many very nice day trips. You can also stay in Arusha where many people are very much interested in your life. Always be careful though and never go out alone at night. If you want to go to a bar at night, we can join you.

If you're interested in an internship in Tanzania, please contact us.